At Salvona, our team develops industry leading solutions that solve the toughest challenges in the consumer, household, industrial, and pharmaceutical markets.

Solve formulation challenges.

  • Controlled release systems for targeted, triggered, and time release solutions. Release by moisture, pH, pressure, heat, enzymes, etc.
  • Beautiful, elegant, and stable formulations without solubility, incompatibility, or stability issues.
  • Overcome incompatibility of powerful actives, and have multiple functional ingredients in one formulation.
  • Protect volatile actives to reduce cost and deliver better results.

Accelerate new product innovation.

  • Provide unique selling proposition from competitors using Salvona's deep IP, testing database, and competitive know-how.
  • Surprise consumers and deliver a "wow" factor using sensory solutions, SalColors™ technology, and other unique triggers.
  • Quickly incorporate proven active delivery systems to get effective products on the market faster and respond to customer demand and market trends.

Meaningful, life improving, products.

  • Salvona controlled delivery means more active material is available to work - cost effective and effective results.
  • Reduced side effects of common actives, less irritation from acids, reduced bacterial resistance for better protection, and faster visible results are just a few of the benefits.
  • Sense your product is working using various sensory queues-- no more guessing.