Stable. Tested. Proven.

Salvona's Advanced Raw Material (ARMs) technology is ready to be incorporated and boost your next development project.

Many of our clients are looking for stable and tested actives that they can quickly incorporate in new formulation development.  Our ready to go encapsulations are called ARMs - Advanced Raw Materials.  Each one is tested, stable, and ready for formulation.  Below you will find a selection of the technologies available today that you can quickly begin to work with.

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  • MultiSal®

    An anti-aging system composed of multiple functional 1 Single unit with multiple compartments within a single microsphere, designed functional ingredients to target multiple layers of the skin for an effective and 2 Targeting multiple skin comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

    • Single unit with multiple functional ingredients
    • Targeting multiple skin layers
  • SalSphere®
    Seaweed and Vitamins

    Delivers highly active skin smoothing and nourishment. It 1 Time release helps protect against the biochemical and environmental 2 Multiple functional triggers known to accelerate skin aging.

    • Time release
    • Multiple functional ingredients
    • Natural complex of vitamins
  • SalSphere®

    Oxygen is essential to rejuvenate dull and aging skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and to help clear acne. SalSphere® environmentally friendly SalOxy gets oxygen directly into the skin’s pores. This at-home treatment is an alternative to expensive experience dermatologist and spa procedures.

    • Skin and environmentally friendly
    • Unique foaming experience
    • Works synergistically with other cosmeceuticals
  • HydroSal®

    BKC (Benzalkonium Chloride) protects from microbes, pathogens, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. It has consistently been the disinfectant of choice for hospitals. HydroSal® BKC was designed to achieve longer protection and a better utilization of BKC while replacing alcohol-based antiseptics, at low concentration.

    • Enhanced exfoliation
    • Suitable for sensitive skin, friendly pH
  • HydroSal®
    1 and 2 Fragrance

    A time-release technology that provides extended fragrance release from water-based products.

    • Longer-lasting fragrances
    • Water-triggered “bloom”
    • Formulation ready
  • MultiSal®
    Sebum Control

    Instantly reduces shine and long-term management of sebum production through a enzymatic inhibition. A microsphere technology that absorbs excess sebum while simultaneously releasing a sebum production inhibitor.

    • Combat overative sebaceuous glands
    • Skin mattefying
  • SalSphere®

    Potent skin-brightening from sub-micron spheres infused with a blend of resveratrol and alpha-arbutin. This is a naturally-derived solution to replace hydrquinone for a lighter complexion.

    • Lightening skin tone
    • Natural
  • MultiSal®
    Dark Circle Eliminator

    Technology to reduce discoloration and puf ness under 1 the eyes and to promote glowing skin.

    • Targeted delivery
    • Long-lasting bioavailability
    • Instantly visible results
    • Ease of formulation
  • SalSphere®
    Natural Hair Growth Promoter

    Time and targeted-release of natural apple extract containing procyanidin B2, which is clinically proven to promote hair growth. Sub-micron spheres target the active into the hair follicles where it is needed the most, enhancing the efficcacy and bioavailability of this water-soluble ingredient.

    • Effective anti-aging for hair
    • Targeted delivery
    • Enhanced shelf lifeand stability
    • Natural
  • SalSphere®
    Aqua Skin

    SalSphere® Aqua Skin is based on natural ingredients that protect the skin hydration and activate the water flow system for cells.

    • Utilizes the power of humectants
    • Unique technology
    • Encapsulation and time-release system
  • SalSphere®
    Skin Smoothing

    SalSphere® Skin Smoothing delivers a chemical exfoliating agent, causing the cells of the epidermis to shed more readily and open clogged pores; reduces appearance of scars and blemishes, evens skin tone, and helps to brighten skin and prevent future breakouts.

    • Formulation ready
    • Skin friendly; avoids dry skin and irritation
    • Visible results
  • SalSphere®
    Clear Skin

    Time-release composed of sub-micron spheres infused with potent acids that clear and moisturize the skin. Maintains a skin-friendly pH. Promotes long-lasting moisturization and gentle exfoliation for healthy and rejuvenated-looking skin.

    • For acne-prone, sensitive skin
    • Superior skin hydration
  • SalSphere®
    Skin Repair

    An alternative to treat dermatitis, SS SR is designed to improve the barrier properties that help seal moisture in the skin. Effective and long-lasting hydration helps the skin repair itself and heal the area naturally.

    • Controlled efficient delivery
    • Dermacosmetic technology
    • Safe alternative to topical steroids
  • HydroSal®
    Natural Antiseptic

    Provides long-lasting protection from microbes using alcohol-free, natural plant extracts with proven antiseptic and antifungal properties incorporated into a single system at optimized levels.

    • Long-lasting protection
    • Water-triggered burst
    • Ease of formulation
  • SalSphere®
    Skin Protection

    SS SPT forms a shield that can protect the skin from environmental factors (such as smog and dirt particles, as well as free radicals) and restores the skin to a healthy state by preserving and delivering multi-functional ingredients.

    • Hydrating shield
    • Promotes skin recovery
    • Enhances skin’s resistance
  • HydroSal®
    Heat Protection

    An advanced encapsulation system that protects hair from severe heat damage while delivering fragrance during and after thermal treatments.

    • Prevents silicone build-up
    • Double-heat protection
    • Encapsulates fragrance
  • SalSphere®
    Color Guard

    A technology for color retention in color-treated hair preventing chemical stripping and UV damage while locking in the color vibrancy.

    • Long-lasting hair color
    • Multi-faceted protection
    • Ease of formulation
  • HydroSal®
    Hairoma Therapy

    Long-lasting fragrance release and malodor reduction from sub-micron spheres. The technology can be incorporated into sprays, lotions, and gel-based products. HydroSal® has the potential to provide a triggered burst release when exposed to increased heat generated by styling tools.

    • Longer-lasting scented hair
    • Heat-activated burst release
  • SalSphere®
    Style Protector

    Time-release, long-lasting frizz control from sub-micron spheres. The anti-frizz agents are gradually released for longer-lasting style protection from humidity without weighing the hair down or making it oily.

    • Combat frizz
    • Long-lasting
    • Naturally replenish shine
  • SalSphere®
    Hair Rejuvenator

    Time-release of unique and potent botanical extracts to restore and maintain healthy hair. The technology naturally rejuvenates the hair, provides extra shine, moisture, and luxurious softness that lasts.

    • Adds and replenishes natural shine
    • Keeps stylish hair luxurious and elegant
    • Natural
  • HydroSal®

    An anti-aging, cosmetic solution for thickening hair. These sub-micron spheres allow the keratin to adhere to the hair without the use of harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, making it a safe and effective treatment with instant results.

    • Thicker hair
    • Immediate and visible improvement in hair appearance
    • Natural
  • SalSphere®
    Healthy Scalp

    A time-release delivery system designed to relieve itchy scalp and reduce the appearance of scaly, flaky skin.

    • Enhanced efficacy and deposition
    • Natural anti-fungal protection
    • Ease of formulation
  • SalSphere®
    Hair Stimulator

    Salsphere® delivers caffeine in a targeted manner into the hair follicles, making it more bioavailable to naturally awaken hair follicles and retain hair. The technology provides time-release, long-lasting stimulation to improve hair retention.

    • Revitalize and retain more hair
    • Targeted delivery to hair follicles
    • Natural
  • MultiSal®
    Lip Vantage

    MS LV is the answer for those searching for naturallooking, fuller, and plumper lips.

    • Immediate sensation
    • Safe alternative to surgical or injected lip enhancements
    • Instant results
  • MultiSal®

    A targeted delivery system of a variety of favors with intensified sensation and increased stability.

    • Time release
    • Water activation
    • Customizable properties
  • SalSphere®
    Benzoyl Peroxide

    A stable and targeted delivery system of benzoyl peroxide for the treatment of acne.

    • Ready for formulation
    • Targeted delivery
    • Gentle, slow release
  • SalSphere®
    Salicylic Acid

    A time-release delivery system for salicylic acid to rejuvenate and restore your skin.

    • Ready for formulation
    • Skin-friendly
    • Time-release
  • MultiSal®
    Salicylic Acid

    Technology to delivery pharmaceutical-grade salicylic acid that causes cells of the epidermis to shed more readily, opening clogged pores, and neutralizing the bacteria within.

    • Greater compatibility
    • Enhanced efficacy
    • Unique dosage form
  • MultiSal®
    Vitamins C and E

    An encapsulated form of vitamins loaded at an optimal ratio to help transport them to the skin, gradually, for a greater anti-aging effect.

    • Stable form of vitamins
    • Time release technology
    • Multi-purpose product
  • MultiSal®

    Time-release technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fne lines. This encapsulated form of potent retinol reduces potential for irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

    • Vigorous, youthful skin, visible results
    • Enhanced shelf life stability
    • Sensitive skin
  • SalSphere®

    Time-release of a powerful age-fighting polyphenol to reduce the signs of aging and protect the skin of infammation on the cellular level.

    • Youthful skin
    • Long-lasting
    • Efficacy to tone and even the skin
    • Natural
  • SalSphere®
    Anti-Aging Lift

    A topical alternative to invasive Botox®. Provides an instant tightening effect and fine-line reduction while sub-micron spheres deliver collagen-boosting peptides for long-term wrinkle repair.

    • Firm skin instantly
    • Wrinkle therapy
  • SalSphere®
    Natural Anti-Aging

    A time-release technology delivering a natural complex to restore skin youth and reduce signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin tone, and age spots.

    • Skin toning
    • Harmonizing
    • Toning
    • Natural
  • HydroSal®

    HS YT utilizes an encapsulation system to deliver the remarkable age-combating benefts of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3 to target deep lines and wrinkles.

    • Immediate and visible improvement
    • On-demand release
    • Elegant and lightweight
  • MultiSal®

    MS FR is designed to protect fragrance from premature evaporation, sustain the release, and protect it from the base ingredients. It is designed to transform the liquid into powder to ease handling.

    • Moisture-triggered release
    • Long-lasting fragrance
    • Increased safety & ease of handling
  • MultiSal®

    Technology for a fresh, cooling sensation through a proprietary, encapsulated blend of non-menthol cosmetic ingredients. Ideal for anhydrous products such as balms.

    • Perception of freshness
    • Unique sensory experience
    • Odorless
  • SalSphere®

    A time-release system comprised of a menthol-free blend of ingredients for odorless cooling. Ideal for water-based formulations.

    • Odorless freshness and cooling
    • Perceivable performance to draw consumer attention
  • MultiSal®

    Encapsulated menthol that reduces odor and increases the longevity of the cooling and refreshing sensation. Release is triggered by moisture.

    • Long-lasting cooling sensation
    • Water-triggered release
  • HydroSal®

    The technology is made for times when you want to feel clean and refreshed, such as after a workout or during a day outside in the heat.

    • Long-lasting refreshing sensation
    • Works for sensitive skin
    • Odorless
  • HydroSal®

    Delivers an invigorating and time-released fresh sensation from aqueous and hydro-alcoholic formulations.

    • Long-lasting refreshing and blooming sensation
    • Energize
  • SalScent®

    A tool for fragrance formulation that increases fragrance value by boosting longevity, releasing on demand, and improving cost-effectiveness.

    • Extends release of fragrance performance
    • Versatile use, including compatibility with clear products
  • MacroSal®

    A technology platform that provides visible spheres for topical applications. Functional ingredients can be encapsulated in MacroSal™. Spheres are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

    • Visual beads
    • Activated release
    • Easily integrated into skin